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Not to be confused with Zor or Zort, other planets.

Zorg is a barren and desolate planet in the Zuton system of the Hopkins galaxy. It is inhabited by Zorgians and has only one city, the capital Zalzongazillazopolis. The national dish is Zarzangazoolazungazilch.

Although usually rather dry, Zorg occasionally undergoes a brief variety of precipitation in rapid succession - green fog called gluzz, sharp icy sleet, hot rain, and gooey purple glop. This cycle usually lasts no more than thirty seconds but is quite enjoyed by the inhabitants while it lasts. The moisture from this precipitation is enough to fuel the growth of a few small edible plants such as gloxxleberries, zorgoonagogberries, and zamzillazarusks.

The economy of Zorg was nearly destroyed by a fleet of ships that were far too expensive to operate and maintain. Pedro the Mailburro was brought in to help with this but could not. Fortunately he inadvertently fixed the glitch in their matter transmitter, making transportation a much simpler and cheaper affair.