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Zoonicks are the dominant species of planet Zoon. They are shaped like large eggs with brown fur and four humanoid-style limbs, and they have brains like supercomputers. This is most evident in their propensity for maintaining and repairing technology of any sort, regardless of previous familiarity with it.

By far their most famous and envied trait, however, is that they never age. Zoonick DNA is somehow resistant to the antioxidants that would otherwise gradually destroy it and lead to death. It should be noted that Zoonicks are not truly immortal, however. A thermal detonator or turbolaser will dispatch them as easily as an average humanoid. Still, this longevity has resulted in serious overpopulation on Zoon and a comparatively rapid thickening of the atmosphere from the exhalation of carbon dioxide. This ceased to be much of a problem before long however, as their massive intelligence led them to develop space travel centuries before the average sentient race. Some of these other races were surprised by the very loud voices the Zoonicks have evolved in response to said atmosphere.

Zoonicks are carnivorous by design and have two rows of razor sharp teeth which are partially retracted except in moments of excitement, anger or anxiety. Nowadays they prefer an omnivorous diet and eat pre-processed meat rather than hunting.

Zoonicks are kindly by nature and always willing to help out strangers. As their range of travel in space grew wider, they discovered this was not always the case. It was they who proposed to planet Earth the formation of the Galaxy Rescue Squad following Moonquake Pluta, and they remain are the most common species among its ranks. In emergency situations it is fortunate that their benevolence is often coupled with a no-nonsense attitude and a determination to get the job done right.