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Xiara was a Force-sensitive individual who turned to the Dark Side when her dance instructor told her she wasn't grateful enough, at which point she gutted the instructor and the entire class "like the Bantha that they were".  Afterward, her therapist suggested becoming a Dark Jedi as an outlet for her energy.  She took his suggestion and, after his accident, didn't even have to pay him.

She became the apprentice of Yoder and accompanied him to Dagobah when he attempted to kill his brother Yoda.  There she engaged in a duel with Yoda's apprentice Bob.

Following Yoder's death, Xiara became Yoda's Jedi apprentice, alongside Bob. Before Bob went to fight Darth Sion and Darth Nihilus, Xiara wished him good luck, but then when Bob returned severely wounded, Xiara (even though she felt bad about it) took Yoda's side and cast Bob as a Jedi Outcast.

Soon, Bob proved himself to both of them, resulting in his becoming a Jedi Master.