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Vol idol

Vol was the god of the violent race from planet Stenos, the Stenax. A one-foot-tall red stone statue carved in the shape of a Stenax warrior was not only a representation of Vol to the Stenaxes, but was actually the god's avatar on Stenos. Several hundred years before the Battle of Yavin a series of earthquakes buried the statue, which was lost for centuries. In disgrace, the Stenax refused to fly until the idol was found and abandoned many of their buildings that could only be reached by flying.

Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, the local Imperial governor, Quorl Matrin, paid Rik Duel to find the Vol statue in the ruins of Vol's temple, which had recently been used as a Rebel Alliance hideout. Duel tricked Han Solo and his Rebel companions to help find the statue, and betrayed them to Matrin once Luke Skywalker found it. When he turned the statue over to Matrin who was about to kill him when Duel told the Stenaxes Matrin had stolen the Vol. The enraged Stenaxes attacked and killed Matrin.

Once Vol was found, the Stenaxes took flight once again.