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Verna-Lee Kwinox is a macrobiotic microbiologist for the Villains' International League of Evil. Her favorite author is H.G. Wells, her favorite astronomer is Nicholas Copernicus, and her favorite food is Earth cuisine.

Verna-Lee's credo: “Life is more endearing through genetic engineering”. Hoping to create a brave new universe by cross-breeding microbes inter-galactically, Verna-Lee recently developed a virus that infects only galaxy cops, security guards and junior high school hall monitors.

Verna-Lee can be seen slithering hither and yon in her laboratory, trying to concoct a vaccine for bad karma, of which she has virtually cornered the market. A strict vegetarian with bland taste, Verna-Lee's favorite dishes are “prairie grass and weeds”, “poison ivy with shredded maple leaves”, and “mesquite-broiled wheat straw”.