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Vech'Klargs are the dominant species of planet K'Thal. They are an aggressive and warlike race known for capturing tens of planets and establishing brutally militaristic governments. They keep Taa'Haal, which are really just dressed-up Cats, as pets and proudly show them off to whatever intergalactic visitors they decide not to kill.

Vech'Klarg have unique souls known as thremklaas which are formed by a continuous hydrogeneration process within their hypothalami and transported through their bodies via intense quantities of low density lipoproteins. Vech'Klarg regard more traditional souls as "low-fat" and consider them biologically and morally inferior. Tbey revere a sacred item known as the Daal'Kath which they believe imbues them with strength.

After failed negotiations with the Earthling race by Commander Kl'Thurg, the Vech'Klarg attempted to exterminate them and nearly succeeded, completing most of the task within three hours. Three months into the campaign, however, most of the Vech'Klarg mysteriously and simultaneously dropped dead from heart attacks of unknown cause.