Urglings are a race of Humans and the dominant species of planet Urg. They are very androgynous by Human standards. The females have no distinguishingly shaped thighs or breasts, while the males rarely if ever grow facial hair. They all share similarly shaped masculine physiques and heads, and nearly identical deep voices.

In Urgling society females are dominant but only receive supposedly minor jobs such as waitresses, secretaries or security guards. This is because they correctly perceive that the people who actually get things done, although receiving much lesser salaries, have much more power than their superiors who order them around but can't even use the copy machines.

Beyond this most of them are in positions to know valuable secrets about employers that can be taken to competitors, authorities, or wives at a moment’s notice. For this reason the Urglings welcomed Tyrano’s invasion of their world and did not bother telling him how little power he really had. Using their subtle influence they held Tyrano’s invasion of the rest of the Dimension of Doom at bay. Upon his death they turned to force, and made Michael Peterson become their new Emperor.

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