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Tyrra is a smallish planet in the middle of nowhere, literally. It is inhabited by the Tyrrans and its current population is six hundred eighty-four. TyrraVille is its capital and in fact only city.

The planet once suffered a year-long worldwide famine due to the explosion of Dr. Ep’s Super-Gro facilities, but the Galaxy Rescue Squad failed to locate the location of their distress signals. The Lambchop family from distant planet Earth had to come in the Star Scout and save them. During this time the planet became a major consumer of Grape Fizzola in spite of the fact that none of the inhabitants like it.

Tyrra’s planetary anthem is:

Tyrra, the lovely! Tyrra, the free!

Hear, dear planet, our promise to thee!

Where e’er we go, Where e’re we roam,

We’ll come back to Tyrra, Tyrra our home!

Be it ever so humble, there’s no planet so dear,

We’ll always love Tyrra, from far or from near!