The Thone were a race of Humans from planet Thon. Their culture combined relatively primitive clothing and hairstyles with sophisticated spaceships and electroprods. The Thone were ruled by the same lineage for thousands of years, until their clan leader Jok was assassinated by his adviser Sybex, who promptly took over the position.

Under his leadership the Thone took over nearly the whole Dimension of Doom. To further their conquest they visited planet Onnec and attempted to take it over. Originally, they were valiantly repulsed by Semtor, who promptly became a hero to the Aquoids. But when Michael Peterson and 2-Tor ended up making a choice that did not result in their being blown up, he ceased to exist and the Thone ceased to have been defeated, promptly capturing the two explorers.

In the way that the main events of time often seem to fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, Dinosaurs still populated Onnec. In this case they were being used as the design for costumes so that the Thone could invade planet Earth unnoticed. Most of the Thone were trapped by the gravity of planet Algol-D when Mike intentionally gave Sybex the wrong coordinates for Earth. The rest, including Sybex, were flung into space when their spaceship, the Jaded Jewel, revolted.

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