The Hemmin Spotter is a work of Smoovian literature, considered by some to be one of the greatest in the history of the universe. Its author is unknown and only five original copies remain in existence; one is located in the library of the University of Malbadoo.

The story follows the adventures of a lovable rogue named Gilgabud who seduces a bored housewife named Lirial, while her devoted but spineless husband Numbleton remains hilariously oblivious. In the meantime a not-so-lovable rogue named Rognor decides that if adultery is okay, so is murder, and plans to kill both Numbleton and Gilgabud before kidnapping Lirial. Gilgabud undergoes a quest to secure the magic sword of Zandiron and then prepares to fight a duel to the death for his loved one.

The book's final chapter, the Amniola, was missing when the book was printed. Whether this was an error, a touch of eccentricity, or a big marketing scam has been lost to time. Two scholars, Gwum and Beeba, inadvertently discovered that when Mubla milk is spilled on the book's final page, it reveals a map leading to the Amniola Shrine where the chapter was buried. However the chapter has since been dug up and burned so there's not much point in going there.

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