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Tentacular Tigers (scientific name Vampyrabdopus Panthera) are predators found in the tropical forests and jungles of Sector Prime temperate planets. This creature's appearance is at once unsettling and sublime; they are large orange and gold striped felines with a mass of twitching tentacles instead of a head. They grow to a length of three meters and a height of one point two meters. Lacking eyes or ears, Tentacular Tigers sense ground vibrations with their feet, triangulating the exact distance to any sound source within 300 meters.

Tentacular Tigers are carnivores and feed by holding their prey tightly with suction-cupped tentacles while tearing it slowly to pieces with a razor-sharp recessed beak. Additionally, their long tubular tongues can drain the body fluids of their victims.

Little, if anything, is known about the reproductive cycle of the tentacular tiger. All attempts to sex these creatures have been disastrous. Some xenobiologists suggest that tentacular tigers are asexual and reproduce in some mysterious and probably very nasty way. They live solitarily and their life span is unknown.