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This article is about the species. For the appendage, see Tentacle (appendage). For a list of Tentacles, see Category: Tentacles.

Tentacles are a species of sapient tentacles with four suction cups along their fronts and another on their bottoms. They move about by hopping and communicate by alternately manipulating air with the movement of their suction cups to form sound.

Their homeworld is unknown and it is hypothesized that they descended from two tentacles that were removed from an Octopus belonging to a certain Earthling Professor Dilkmore. Although one would presume that they reproduce asexually, the existence of a Tentacle mating call implies that they mate, but no one knows exactly how and most people probably don't want to know either. Every tentacle ever encountered is a different color and is named for that characteristic, indicating a lot of DNA variation and a lack of creativity.