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This article is about the technology.  For a list of television shows, see Category: Television Shows.

Television is a technology which allows audio and video to be broadcast to an electronic box, where it is then viewed and listened to by an audience.  It has been invented independently by many races on many worlds, and has made more crap more readily available to more beings than ever before in history.

Television shows are divided up into channels, with viewers having the option to switch between channels depending on what they want to watch. Each channel is in turn owned by a television network like Cosmovid or Galactic Cable Vision.

Television technology was originally brought to Earth by Hoo-Lan, after which it spread like a supernova among the Earthlings who were grateful for a chance to not have to think too hard. Several more advanced forms of television have been invented over the years, ranging from HoloVision to Smell-o-Vision to Brain-O-Vision.  Regardless of the advances, most of the programming is still crap.