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Tayte is the third moon of planet Indaway in the Indaway system. It was the first body in the vicinity colonized by Earthlings and hence became the system's unofficial namesake in colloquial speech.

The surface of Tayte is mostly barren, although there is an ocean which supports a variety of primitive life forms. Sunlight is blocked by the planet for months at a time, forcing the inhabitants to choose their own preferred day-night cycles. The few businesses are perpetually open to avoid losing a single precious customer. The only thing to interest outsiders in its existence is the exported Tayteale.

There are only four settlements on Tayte: the Badside, The Hill, Regurgi, and East Eruk. They are all within a few kilometers of each other and connected by a subway system. The moon's only spaceport is located on the outskirts of Badside.  News is spread via the moon's only newspaper, the Tayte Tribune.

A criminal organization known as the Syndicate, formerly led by Git Savage, holds enormous influence over all four towns and has most of the police force on its payroll. Their activities are cracked down on often enough to create the illusion of order but the organization proper is allowed to thrive. Prostitution, homelessness, and bike gangs are pervasive elements of society, especially considering how small the population is to begin with.