Steven McNeil was an Earthling from planet Earth and a long-time researcher of space age technology. After years of study, he perfected a phenomonal new method of seperating atomic metals from rock. Steven went to Luna City on Luna to sell his plans to the New World Mining Corporation, but soon found himself attacked by a less scrupulous mining company in league with the Inventors’ Union. He took his case to the Guard, but they didn’t seem very helpful and he thought Captain Camden Garcia a fool.

Luckily he managed to stay in his room all weekend and guard the plans, and when on the way to meet with the corporation his taxi driver turned out to be in the villains’ pay, Captain Garcia intervened. With this out of the way McNeil never visited Luna City again, but he always remembered his adventure, and when he told the story he never called Garcia a fool. He was very devastated to hear of the city’s destruction but also very glad he had left.

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