Star Chamber is a council made up of the most important Friends, appointed by the Weaver himself. Only experienced and trusted Friends are ever asked to serve on the Star Chamber. They plan strategy and make recommendations to the Weaver, and with his approval they then put these recommendations into action.

Its location is obviously top secret, but it is believed that there is no single location for meetings. Instead, members are told where to attend at short notice. It is not known whether the Weaver himself attends these meetings, but it is unlikely.

Its current members are Guardian Commander HeebeJeebe, Battle Commander Meridian Nova, Princess Yukits Alloverme, Councilor Stern, Granddolt Buggins, Battle Commander Jayms Tee Krik, Professor Algabraic Boolean, Ganga Doppler, Cam’ul Huu’mp, and Yogga.

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