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Spuckler Boach was a Nostoraman born in the village of Kweef on planet Nostoram. Shortly after his birth, his parents moved to a small parcel of land outside of town where his father built a home that became known as Boach's Keep. Spuckler's mother died while he was an infant and he only grew up knowing his father, whom he grew very close to. When he lost his left leg, his father nearly went bankrupt in order to have it replaced with the next best thing, a peg leg made of trutanium.

Nevertheless, Spuckler grew restless and tired of his home planet. Though his father's dying wish after ten months of illness for him to stay and take over Boach's Keep, he refused and made clear that he didn't give a hoot about the place. This decision would later come to haunt him through the years.

After his father's death he left Nostoram to travel the galaxy, but soon ran low on funds and was forced to take on a job as a grup scrapper on planet Noya. There he met a small-time hood named Loza Throck. Sick of his job and frustrated with the low pay, Spuckler teamed up with him for a series of heists on the condition that he would only steal from other criminals. After a while he learned that Throck planned on betraying him and leaving with all the goods, so he beat his partner to it. Thus began a career of thievery, although he stayed true to his credo of only stealing from other criminals - recycling, as it were.

Spuckler was hired to transport some stolen jewels for the Braka-Doozio Clan and decided to keep them for himself. The Clan pursued him to planet Brunk with a trio of Zugg fighters and, although he evaded them with the old "turn-sideways-and-fly-through-the-crack-in-the-mountain" trick, he ran out of fuel and became stranded in the desert. There he met a woman named Muna Grendy, who explained the planet's plight under the rule of the Kortok and her grandfather's exile in Grumborg Prison. Smitten by her beauty and glider-piloting skills, Spuckler vowed to rescue him.

After getting himself arrested with a jet speeder chase through Mull Garoon and the destruction of the head trooper's ship, and a brief skirmish with a fellow prisoner named Dargo, Spuckler found the elder Grendy and plotted their escape. With his trutanium peg leg he was able to tunnel their way out through the prison's Pokstone walls to the surface, where they stole a scooter from the nearby guard tower. The scooter was a surface vehicle and took them less than halfway to Brunk before running out of fuel, but they were able to coast in on the planet's gravity and were saved by a set of onboard parachutes.

Muna was exceedingly grateful for his heroism and tried to encourage him to settle down somewhere, preferably on Brunk, but Spuckler's love of travel and adventure outweighed his infatuation with her, and their relationship did not progress beyond a kiss. However, she was able to convince him to stay and participate in the revolution against the Kortok, which was his idea in the first place and in which he played a key role.

Although he was not ready to settle down, Spuckler still grew lonely at times as he traveled from planet to planet. He decided to search for a robot on planet Klibbertot, where he encountered a Gax unit which he creatively named "Gax" and managed to purchase on an installment plan with only twelve gilpots. Although he never quite fulfilled his promise of giving the robot a royal treatment, the two became inseparable friends from that point on.