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This article is about the droid.  For the Yorp, see Spot (Yorp).

Spot is a droid owned by Blasternaut. He was built for private use by the genius Drakark but accidentally delivered to Blasternaut in place of a standard droid. He hovers with an antigrav device, locomotes on a single wheel, hides many tools in compartments in his body, and has superior intelligence to many other droids. This has made him a prime target for villains who seek to exploit him for their own twisted ends.

Spot was floating past to gloat at them when he was suddenly captured by Gelator, the Brain Drainer. His brain was drained and he was taken hostage in Gelator’s ship, the Scuzzler. Once again Blasternaut was close behind, but this time before he rescued Spot he had to free planet Moldar from his slime. Doing this he and Galactic Commander then went after Gelator and drained him into a jar of hair gel, and dropped him off on Lockemup so his parents could come get him.

Greezok tried several times before actually succeeding, while Spot was outside the ship to repair the polytronic combustion regulator. Blasternaut followed them through a trail of trash and into Greezok’s lair beneath the surface of Zorg, where Spot was being examined to learn his secrets. The two fled through Mount Zorg into Greezok’s waiting ship where Blasternaut found Spot bound and gagged. He made his way in and both barely escaped before the ten-second self destruct was done. Greezok was captured by the waiting Zuton Police Force and sent to planet Lockemup, in a cell with T’ness and UR-DED.

But Greezok had not lain dormant this whole time, and soon after he escaped to kidnap Spot again, this time with the help of Shnuknuk and Zugga. Spot was taken all over the universe, mostly switched off, before he was rescued again. Spot now has a squad of fulltime Tufguy bodyguards which enable him to participate in The Challenge of the Reading Gladiators and manage a zoo.