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Not to be confused with Star Justice, a similar organization, or the Meteor Police, which focuses only on meteors.

The Space Police organization was founded by the government of planet Earth to maintain order throughout its colonies and deal with space criminals, particularly the rise of space piracy and organizations such as Blacktron. On its thirtieth anniversary it was presented with a marble astronaut statue with a pedestal reading in Latin, "In annos triginta ad caelum infinitum construxit", meaning "In thirty years we built to the infinite sky". The statue was stolen by criminals and used as a bargaining chip.

In the years preceding the formation of the Unified Galactic Alliance, the Space Police had already begun unofficially and not quite legally expanding its jurisdiction to the affairs of other planets and systems. In 2184 control of the organization was officially relinquished to the Alliance and it was given responsibility to uphold the Alliance Code throughout all of its territory. However, due to its history is an Earthling organization and some prejudice among long-time members, few non-Humans joined over the next few centuries. Over the years there have been many reports of abuse and discrimination towards non-Human criminals and suspects, but such behavior is not institutionalized and is always met with prompt and thorough investigation.

The Space Police enjoyed eating breakfast at Jo-Co's Diner before its destruction, and use a lifeless planet called X4 to house their most dangerous criminals.