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Snapping Dragons are large carnivorous pink flowers from planet Kwb that use their “arm vines” to grab prey. Unlike most plants they have teeth and taste buds so they can be rather picky eaters at times. Unfortunately, they're not so picky that they won’t chew something a few times before spitting it out. These mouths serve another function: oral sex. Pollination by animals is out of the question since Snapping Dragons kill anything that comes close.

Rather, a female will use her “arm vines” to grab a nearby male and rip him out of the ground. She will hold him close and they will lock lips for a while, during which time the male will literally drool pollen-saturated saliva into the female’s mouth. The amylase in his saliva stimulates her style (next to the esophagus) to open and let in the pollen, and you know the rest. This being done, the male has exhausted his strength and dies. The female throws him aside but keeps him close so he can fertilize her soil too.

When the eggs have developed into seeds, she spits them out to who knows where and they’re on their own. Since this method depends entirely on a male and female Snapping Dragon being in close enough proximity with one another, it fortunately makes them quite rare.

They were declared the state flower of Zzd by a former governor, Darel Uvsplanst.