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Slurm is a highly addictive carbonated soft drink manufactured on planet Wormulon and exported throughout the Universe. On Earth, its distribution is handled by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. It is the successor to Slurm Medicinal Tonic.

Although a factory exists on Wormulon, controlled by Slurm Worms and staffed by Grunka Lunkas, it is merely a front operation. Slurm is in fact secreted from the anus of the Slurm Queen in an underground tunnel. This was once a well-kept secret due to the Queen killing anyone who found out, but has since been leaked and accepted by hopelessly addicted Slurm drinkers. Hubert J. Farnsworth attempted to warn the universe about this as early as 3000 but was thwarted by his uncle Philip J. Fry who did not want the drink to cease production.

Slurm's marketing campaign was fronted by the company masket and spokesworm Slurms MacKenzie until his untimely death in a cave-in in 3000, caused by the rampaging Slurm Queen as she attempted to kill Fry and his companions. The company has since hired a series of impersonators, correctly believing that all Slurm Worms look the same to most other species.

Aside from the original Slurm Medicinal Tonic, there have been a few variations of Slurm over the years: Royal Slurm, which turns the drinker into a new Slurm Queen; New Slurm, which was a new flavor released knowing that people would hate it; Slurm Classic, which was a return to the old flavor after New Slurm in order to increase sales; and Super Strength Slurm, which is so addictive that most species can't stop drinking it until their stomachs explode and was used by the Slurm Queen to sentence interlopers to death.