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The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation is the galaxy's premiere manufacturers of computers, robots, lifts and other such essential, life-enhancing technologies. Most recently, they have fitted the starship Heart Of Gold with their flagship products.

The corporation's "Genuine People Personalities" make interacting with objects such as doors and teasmades a new and exciting adventure. Or very irritating, depending on your frame of mind.

Doors will always open politely, and it will be their pleasure to serve your entrance and exit needs. Their Happy Vertical People Transporters - or Lifts - are fitted with the most recent precognition software, allowing them to be on the floor you want, before you know you want it!

Their Nutri-Matic Drink Machines very rarely produce drinkable beverages.

The corporation's complaints department now covers all the major land masses of the first three planets in the Sirius Tau Star system. The theme song for the Complaints division is "Share and Enjoy", and has since become the theme apparent for the company as a whole. The main office building and headquarters for the company was originally built to represent this motto, but due to bad architecture it sank halfway into the ground, leaving the upper halves of the motto's words to read in the local language "Go Stick Your Head in a Pig."