Shauna Finelli is the chief engineer of the Alliance Starship Muffin. She is an officer in the Colonial Marines but currently serves in the Alliance Navy as part of the their Intermilitary Program. She is an extremely talented mechanic and can use anything to repair the ship. She maintains a relationship with Captain Smith though the new XO is not aware of it but would be angry to discover it. She is abrasive and violent to those who stand in her way or hurt the ones she cares about but can be extremely sweet and caring to those she loves. Her role as Chief Engineer keeps her busy with the various repairs and modifications the ship requires, or at least the ones she thinks it requires. She continues to produce new and interesting technology for use on the ship and is responsible for Belinda Reines's personal ship Lil' Bastard as well as several heavily modified astromech droids on board the ship.
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