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Shargoans are four-armed tri-legged telepathic humanoid fish possessing both gills and lungs. They live on planet Tokl.

For many years the Shargoans blindly worshipped an array of bloodthirsty false gods. Alien visitors were usually sacrificed to the chief god MOA unless they could solve its riddle, which no one ever could. However, when the Shargoans thought that a visitor had the caliber to be a god himself, they would enshrine him in melted rock and drag him out to their “Pantheon” beach with the other unfortunate travelers.

Shargoans are much more peaceful now, ever since Dr. Who destroyed MOA and took several high priests with it. They now figure that any god who would allow its image to be so desecrated is a false one, and he being their chief god the lesser ones could hardly be any more real.