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Semtor was the amalgam of Michael Peterson and 2-Tor created by their visit to planet Onnec. His entire life involves extensive time travel paradoxy and has now in fact been erased, so prepare to be slightly amazed, and remember to consult Dr. Dan Streetmentioner’s Time Traveler’s Handbook of 1001 Tense Formations and consider joining the Campaign for Real Time.

It all started when Mike and 2-Tor first traveled to Onnec following a strong signal from the. Shortly after arrival they were caught in an explosion from the ship which hurled them millions of years back and nearly killed them both. The Aquoids emerged from hiding and, mistakenly believing them to be parts of one being, attached 2-Tor’s bottom half to Mike’s torso. They also used scattered metal parts to “repair” the blown off left side of his face.

Thus he became Semtor. Having lost his memory in the blast, he lived his life as a native, living for thousands of years with his new bionic enhancements. When the planet was attacked by Sybex and the Thone, it was Semtor who led the attack to fend them off, using ambush and guerrilla tactics never heard of on Onnec. He then persuaded their ship, the Jaded Jewel, to fake a total systems malfunction and force them to retreat. This reawakened the natives all to the big wide universe outside of their planet, and they started dedicating all their resources to its study. They advanced so fast that soon they were aware of other dimensions, and were studying those as well.

One of them, Dimension Q, and particularly a planet called Earth, was of special interest to Semtor. He had no way of knowing it was because of an ancient racial homing instinct. He sent a robot to obtain a sample of the native life which happened to consist mainly of Dinosaurs at that point. Due to a circuit malfunction it brought back nearly all the life, overlooking only Maple White Land, Dinotopia, Dino Island, and the British Columbia mountains due to capacity problems. The robot was taken apart but because of the different dimension and Onnec’s atmosphere, the Dinosaurs soon began to grow with each generation and not stop. Semtor was forced to construct an army of robots, simply for the task of finding meat on Earth and bringing it back to feed them. These robots were gradually all taken by meteorites, pirates, or old age, and the food supply piddled off.

That was when Michael Peterson and 2-Tor showed up at the original point of Semtor's creation. This time, however, he was there to greet them, and so distracted them from being near the ship so they could not be blown up with it again. He explained everything to them and by brute force obtained a cell sample from Mike to clone steaks for the Dinosaurs. However, the malfunction on the ship passed, ruining the possibility of his creation, and Semtor ceased to have ever existed.