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Not to be confused with Terrinald Screed, a military officer of the Galactic Republic and Galactic Empire.

The Screed are a race of small sapient insects with pink abdomens and green heads. Their home planet was destroyed, and the dispersed survivors have a very limited social hierarchy. Individual Screed tend to wander the universe working as bounty hunters and mercenaries. Screed are seldom seen without environmental suits consisting of large helmets and a series of long black robotic tentacles, which raise them to a size more common among sapient beings. Because of this their true appearance was largely unknown until recently, when a little girl named Zita used doorpaste to open the helmet of one and destroy its suit.

Several Screed formed an alliance with the Doom Squad and mined the Dungeon World for a Jump Crystal, which they intended to use to invade a new planet. After capturing a young Earthling named Joseph they opted to make this planet Earth, but they were foiled in this objective by Zita and her friends.

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