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Ry-Kooda was the older brother of the Herglic space pirate Bar-Kooda. Upon learning of Bar-Kooda's capture by Boba Fett and subsequent fate as main course for Gorga the Hutt and Orko, Ry-Kooda swore revenge. While honeymooning on Skeebo, Anachro was kidnapped from Gorga and held for ransom. Gorga hired Fett to rescue her. Simultaneously, Ry-Kooda set out to kill Gorga and Fett.

Fett, the kidnappers, and Ry-Kooda collided on Skeebo and violence ensued. Fett managed to successfully rescue Anachro from her prison deep within an abandoned mine, but was confronted with Ry-Kooda, a larger and more ferocious—to the point of being psychotic—opponent than his brother. Ry-Kooda was beaten by Fett, who fired a wrist rocket into the ceiling of the mine, collapsing it onto Ry-Kooda. However, Ry-Kooda survived and would face Fett a second time.

Gorga hires Fett once again, this time to eliminate his father-in-law, Orko. In order to profit even more, Fett decides not to kill the Hutt and offers Orko protection against a given bounty hunter hired to kill him. Assuming the death had been avoided, Fett left Orko's palace. During the night, however, Ry-Kooda invaded the palace and brutally murdered the crime lord, devouring parts of his body. Thinking Gorga had had her father killed, Anachro left her husband. Ry-Kooda's gang intercepted her vessel in the desert and when he was about to kill her, Gorga came to her rescue. Ry-Kooda overpowered Gorga's men and had both the Hutts at his mercy. Boba Fett stopped him from killing them, starting a fierce duel with the Herglic. Ry-Kooda was ultimately defeated when Fett set the radioactive waste around him on fire, incinerating him.