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Ruthless P'Pau'D'P'Pau, usually known as Ruthie, was a lovely young woman from planet Shmul and the daughter of Grand Overlord P'Pau'D'P'Pau. Although not technically part of the deposed Royal Family, she was considered a princess by her father and the locals who dared not contradict him. Though many believed she was shallow and only cared about clothes, this was an unfair judgment. She was just as concerned about her hair.

Jack T. Ladd snuck into her bedroom and wooed her with a confession of love, although he had been instructed to deliver a note from scientist Eugene Cringe instead. The charmed princess then intervened to save him from being tortured after his failed attempt to steal the Transatron. Furthermore she agreed to take him with her on her visit to the SkyCity to see her father, hidden in a crate ostensibly containing her clothes.

Ruthie loaned him her passkey to retrieve the Transatron and then, mostly to annoy her father, agreed to marry him. Jack jumped out the window with her to escape the city's destruction in the ensuing conflict, but they parted ways soon afterwards when she discovered that he was a