Rita Laboudit is an ace investigative reporter for the Mercury Mercury and a member of the Villains' International League of Evil. Her favorite author is H.G. Wells, her favorite astronomer is Edwin Hubble, and her favorite food is space cadets. Owner of a voracious appetite, Rita eats them for breakfast, usually accompanied by a glass of powdered orange juice and a side order of freeze-dried scrambled eggs.

Rita is relentless in her crusade to debunk popular myths. Famous for her scoop that Earth's moon Luna was not, in fact, made of green cheese (“mozzarella is more likely,” she wrote), Rita has since discovered that Mars' “canals” do not have locks (nor bagels), and Saturn's rings did not come about as the result of a wedding proposal (“perhaps a Super Bowl victory,” Rita theorized). Rita moonlights for Carmen Sandiego as a private investigator, investigating Acme private investigators, and hounding them to the outer reaches of the Sol system.

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