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Not to be confused with Nebular.

Rex Nebular was an adventurer-for-hire who traveled around doing odd jobs in his ship the Slippery Pig. He was technologically illiterate, chauvanistic, and unsanitary in his habits. Money, alcohol and women were his greatest desires in life, in that order.

One of his earliest assignments was to run some Quasar Bombs behind Federation League of Planets lines to the rebels on Bananus VII with the help of a friend named Kane. When his ship became impounded on Vega Vegas after renting his body out for a temp-personality transfer, Rex was forced to cover his expenses by helping Kane rescue a cargo of Bicarbonate Circuits from Sulfur Worm space pirates on Flatulus. Don't bother memorizing this stuff, it isn't really that important.

After accidentally hiring Francois LeSheek to decorate his ship while he was drunk on Martian Sledgehammers at Bloody Mary's, Rex became stranded on Umbilica IV. Meeting a beautiful woman named Lolita motivated him to get some more money and he was hired by an acquaintance named Gorcho to deliver a message to the Fangonese embassy on Placida III. He was unaware that the Fangonese have a custom of eating messengers and barely escaped with one arm, which he then had regenerated back on Umbilica shortly before beating the crap out of Gorcho and earning a ninety-day jail sentence.

After being released he was unable to find more work, even from his acquaintance Rosie Rosetta. He was forced to leave Umbilica for Pustule VI in search of work. There, in the El Rauncho Cafe, he learned that a guy down at Milligan's Saloon named Grout was doing some foraging for a fellow named Weinstein who'd set up shop at the old abandoned warehouse at Thimblewood and Grime and was working for a guy in Colitis City named Kumbillor who was hunting down a body for Malcolm J. Stone near Gargoyle XII. Rex visited Stone himself and learned that the man was searching for a vase stolen in his childhood which could presumably be found on Terra Androgena, a planet that had disappeared a hundred and fifty years earlier.