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Maniac mansion razor by tigerfog-d32291m

Razor was an Earthling and a friend of David Miller.  She sang and played the piano for a heavy metal band called Razor and the Scummettes.  She was a bit mentally unstable, which manifested itself in her mode of hair and dress as well as her love of Hamsters - specifically, a love of putting them in microwaves.

Razor helped Dave and several other friends rescue his girlfriend, Sandy Pantz, from Maniac Mansion.  While there she not only got to put Weird Ed's Hamster in the microwave but also met Green Tentacle, who was depressed about his unfulfilled dream to be a rock star.  Sympathizing with his plight and remembering her own dream, she secretly mailed his demo tape to Mark Eteer and got him a recording contract.

In gratitude, he made her a member of his fledgling band, GT and the Suction Cups, in which she provided vocals and keyboard playing.  After the arrival of Light Blue Tentacle who also wanted to play keyboard despite his lack of fingers, she graciously allowed him that niche and focused on just doing vocals.