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Pugwis was the son of Hekula, making him grandson of legendary podracing champion Sebulba. Though the Dug maintained his grandfather's villainous streak, he had none of the racing skills of his ancestor.

Despite his shortcomings, Pugwis attempted to climb the podracing ranks for years, becoming more frustrated with each defeat. He was eventually disqualified from the podracing circuit permanently after attacking his opponents numerous times. It was actually Pugwis' growing brutality on the track (and even off) that inspired Jabba the Hutt to create his demolition events.

The fate of Pugwis is unknown, as records of that time disappeared along with Jabba Desilijic Tiure's criminal empire. It is rumored that he either rose to the ranks and became the most famed racer to enter the game, or was alternatively fed to the Sarlacc pit.