Poog was a Toogolian from planet Toog. After years of meditating and using his powers to aid poor local farmers on his home planet, he spent several centuries fighting the Mulgari and protecting planet Smoo from their evil until eventually the only one left was Loza Throck.

He became a long-time associate of the scholar Beeba, one of the few outside his species who could understand Toogolian, before the two of them united with Akiko Kikuchi, Spuckler Boach, and Gax to rescue Prince Froptoppit. This quest reunited him with Loza Throck and, knowing that the evil man would need to be vanquished, he taught Akiko the secret words that would dispel the Mulgari Trance when the time came, but would not tell her yet what they were for.

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