Pedrobot was the mechanical form of Pedro the Mailburro after he was kidnapped to the Ruby Moon of Doom and turned into a robot to help dig out Kolossus. The aliens designated him "P3Dro", but Pedrobot is catchier.  Pedrobot was capable of little independent thought but in all fairness that wasn't much of a difference from his original form, and on the plus side he had a much better work ethic.  He liked drinking cold machine oil and eating fried bolts.

Pedrobot made an interesting discovery when he wished for shovel arms; that he could alter his mechanical body form with sheer willpower.  When Kolossus broke free he enlarged himself to nearly the same size and prepared for battle, but decided to make a tactical retreat when Kolossus' laser pulverized the boulder he had picked up. Stumbling across a remote control and believing it to be a ray gun, he pointed it at the other robot and folded him into a cube.

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