Path-E-Tech is an Earth-based corporation formed from the merging of Path-Way Electronics and E-Tech Management. It is renowned for a startling combination of gross incompetence and unethical treatment of employees and customers, yet has never faced legal difficulties and has become a multi-billion dollar company.

During one financial crisis, an employee named Dilbert suggested that their only way to meet the revenue target was if, in week three, they were visited by an alien named D'utox Inag who offered to share his advanced technology, at which point they could kill him and sell the autopsy video. Miraculously, this is exactly what occurred.

In another instance, Path-E-Tech attempted a merger with the Galactic Protein Corporation. Dilbert's discovery that the corporation intended to kidnap employees and open a chain of fast-food restaurants did not dissuade management from pursuing the merger, butr it failed for unknown reasons anyway.

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