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ITW2 Outlander Club

This article is about the club. For a list of its patrons, see Category: Outlander Club Patrons.

The Outlander Club, a facility owned by the Baath brothers, was a hangout for gamblers and glitterati of many species on Vos Gesal Street in Coruscant's Uscru Entertainment District. It had once been a place of high class, but degenerated over the years.

Featured were games of sabacc and betting on such sports as podracing, nuna-ball, and Odupiendo racing, which were displayed on telescreens. The main gambling floor level was the Digisee Gaming Floor, where most public gambling took place. The criminal underworld also had a presence, including death stick dealers like Elan Sel'Sabagno and con-artists like Achk Med-Beq and Dannl Faytonni. It catered to more shadowy, illegal activities; in the lower levels, fights were staged between varying combatants, and there was even betting on the Galactic Games, which was illegal. The club took its gamblers so seriously that it provided sleeping compartments for those whose games lasted some time. These compartments also allowed them to enjoy the various temporary companions who could be found in the club, suitably dressed to suggest their availability. The club was not a brothel, but it did allow free-lance prostitutes to ply their trade.

Jango Fett went to the club looking for a deathstick dealer, Jervis Gloom, who would help lead him to Komari Vosa. Approximately ten years later, Fett's on-and-off partner Zam Wesell ran inside to escape Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker after she failed in her attempt to assassinate Senator Padmé Amidala. Outlander Club cutaway.The Outlander's bartender was Bufon Taire, who used ingredients such as Aludium pu-36, the "starshine special," but who had a habit of watering down the drinks. The club was next door to the Snapping Septoid.