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Nova at Christmastime

Nova was a young robot child who lived with his mother Luna and pet dog Sparky on the ecumenopolis known as Roton, a fuel-starved planet. He was a prodigy of sorts, having built many animals and spaceships alike and was also involved in a relationship with a girl named Elix, who attended the same school as him. Nova dreamed of being a great star pilot like his father Taspett, who searched the galaxies for energy due to Roton’s dwindling fuel supply. Taspett had also provided Nova with a wooden ark of animals that had served as the family heirloom for a millennium of generations.

On the day he had anticipated, a class field trip to the space center Axion, Nova was entranced by a real-life Glax Cruiser. Inspired by his teacher Mrs. Vettik’s words “Exploration is in your wiring!”, and only dissatisfied by all the other travellers going off to exotic worlds, Nova had soon embarked on the most hazardous and dangerous, but eventful and exciting moment of his life when he returned to the Glax Cruiser and pulled the launch lever down to activate the ship, which sent him on a runaway trajectory with no intended destination. Frightened at first, Nova soon learned how to fly the ship.

At least four months later, the Glax Cruiser was low on fuel and when Nova attempted to land the ship on the moon of a gaseous planet, it’s strong gravity created a major electrical failure, leaving the boy unable to control any chance of a safe landing. The Glax Cruiser then hit a mountain under it’s engine and the remains of the ship then bumped along the surface, completely destroying it. Lost, deserted and homesick, Nova began to wonder if being miserable was how his father felt when he was away, but he soon got the idea of creating the two-headed Sparky #2, forming a friendship out of loneliness as he created another nineteen robot animals that were modelled after those from the wooden ark, his final work being an elephant named Trumpet.

After discovering Trumpet’s ability to send a cry for help that was loud enough to break into the skies, Nova was smug and confident that his father would find him, and so he did. As with himself before, Taspett’s own ship had fallen victim to the strong gravity of the moon and when Nova found him, his father’s life was soon hanging by a thread. To prevent their creator’s heart from breaking, the animals all offered to help Taspett by giving him kangaroo legs, and a new tail. Once he was revived, Nova and Taspett discovered that they were on Zyte and supplied Trumpet with enough Ztye Crystals to power him back home to Roton, taking the animals with them. With the remaining crystals, they were able to fuel Roton forever and both father and son were hailed as heroes.

Nova’s later escapades included trying to find a solution to Twinkle the Hedgehog’s spikes, giving Sparky #1 a new nose and finding a Christmas present for Elix.

Animals created by Nova[]

  • Sparky
  • Sparky #2
  • Diode the Mouse
  • Ohm the Mule
  • Nibbling the Deer
  • Prow the Lion
  • Toggle the Penguin
  • Cable the Giraffe
  • Pitch the Cockatoo
  • Stuff the Turkey
  • Panic the Monkey
  • Miss the Spider
  • Piston the Kangaroo
  • Needlenose the Hummingbird
  • Yaw the Buzzard
  • Cathode the Cat
  • Tungsten the Iguana
  • Vector the Bat
  • Missile the Hedgehog
  • Tank the Moose
  • Trumpet the Elephant