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Norby is an adorable little robot similar to an astromech droid. He was constructed from an old droid of McGillicuddy's, the wreckage of the Searcher, and a barrel of Norb's Nails. He has a sensostrip and a metal hat, which he talks through, and it is attached to a cylinder with two glowing eyes on each side. His arms have swivel elbows and two-way palms, which retract when not in use. So do his telescoping legs, with feet that face both ways. Norby has a mini antigrav and also, as he discovered, a hyperdrive.

He was sold from a secondhand shop (which kept him in a stasis box, accidentally still turned on) to Jeff Wells, who became the first owner to not take him back for being frustrating. His first trip to planet Jamya was when he teleported outside the Solar Federation headquarters to escape Ing the Ingrate, and went a bit too far. The second time was intentional, to escape nosy men from the Inventors’ Union trying to steal his hyperdrive. There he gained clues from Mentor First that this might be his home planet, and took home the hassock that was really the egg of an All-Purpose Pet named Oola.

On their last visit, Norby took Fargo Wells also, and met the Grand Dragonship. He met Mentor First again and discovered this was indeed his “father.” Having to make a decision between homes, Norby chose planet Earth, after a fight with space pirates. Between these visits he stopped Ing by making him do a jig, went to the Coliseum and brought back a Lion, and dragged Jeff into the Ice Age. He always continues to visit his family on Jamya.