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Neva Kee

Neva Kee was a Xamster podracer pilot around the time of the Invasion of Naboo.

Over the objections of some Podracing officials, Neva Kee flew a Farwan & Glott FG 8T8 Twin-Block 2 Special, an unorthodox craft with a pod located at the front end of two massive engines. Unlike conventional racers, the FG 8T8 had no power couplings; the two engines were simply attached directly to the cockpit. The forward location of the pod made crashes much more dangerous to the pilot, but the craft compensated with superior turning power and maneuverability. Many of Kee's fellow racers resented the Xamster's vehicle. Still, Kee's rebellious image earned him a rabid following among nonconformist Podracing fans.

After winning several races on Baroonda, Kee entered the Boonta Eve Classic with the intent of asserting his position among Podracing champions. Though he performed well for the first circuit of the race, he swerved off-course during the second lap while flying over the Hutt Flats. Inexplicably, Kee vanished.