Narm N'Palm was a haplophiliac who suffered from pre-traumatic stress disorder. He spent his days running around with guns and brawling drunkenly in local taverns, and going from planet to planet looking for an army that will have him. Eventually he was sentenced to a seven day custodial sentence in Alkaseltz Prison for trying to bring offensive weapons through spaceport security. It was seven days per offensive weapon, so he got ten years. There he enjoyed yelling and screaming and telling the guards they'd be sorry when he was released.

Narm met Jack T. Ladd when the escaping fellow prisoner crashed through his wall, and instantly took a liking to the fellow, though the feeling was not mutual. Jack discovered a trapdoor under the rug in his room and they escaped together through an underground maze. Jack had been recruited by the Federation League of Planets to recover the Transatron, but Narm told them he was Jack's assistant and that they couldn't work separately, so they let him tag along as well.

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