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Mylo Steamwitz, Galactic Encyclopedia entry #981,231,783,813,651, social security number 496-WZ-3452, was a Human space trader who scoured the universe in search of anything he could sell to make himself a buck and keep him from joining his uncle's Yorp herding business.  Rocketing from planet to planet in his ship, the Millennium Kiwi, Mylo managed to stay one step ahead of his creditors and tried to make a killing on the black hole market.  He usually financed his ventures by collecting crystals from the dangerous Crystal Caves of Altair and taking them to the Galactic Trading Post.

After losing a fortune trying to sell Regulan Blood Stones to the Vampire Dwellers of Ghoulbone IV, he decided to capitalize on a current fad by opening a Twibble farm.  He ended up destroying an entire planet by burying it knee-deep in Twibbles.  Undeterred, he sold the farm at a loss and decided to open an Organian Slug farm to help the Galactic Medical Conglomeration with the Mule War on Irata 6.  This he mistakenly built atop a salt mine, with predictable results.

Finally, after watching Rip Eweoff on Galactic Cable Vision, he was inspired to open a vacation resort with no money down, and purchased a star system.  No sooner had he signed the documents than the star went supernova.  However, he was inspired to earn some more money and open Mylo Burger against the beautiful backdrop of stellar remnants, and it quickly became one of the most popular restaurants ever.  He wants to start a franchise but has to wait for another star to explode.