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Muna Grendy was the granddaughter of Morbilus Grendy and lived with him on planet Brunk. From an early age she had a knack for piloting and learned to do tricks and take risks on her glider, a pursuit in which Morbilus encouraged her wholeheartedly. Unfortunately this drew unwanted attention from the ruling Kortok, and he was forced to relocate her to a remote hideaway for her protection.

When Muna was twelve her grandfather was captured and sent to Grumborg Prison for his popularity as a local leader, and she was forced to make ends meet on her own. This experience made her more cynical and calculating, but she never lost sight of the warmth and beauty in human relationships.

When Spuckler Boach crash-landed on Brunk, Muna took him to her hideaway. She was unimpressed at first by his obvious infatuation with her but, following his rescue of her grandfather, found herself changing her mind and trying to persuade him to stay. Unfortunately for her nothing more than a kiss came out of this exchange.

Shortly thereafter, Muna was inspired by Spuckler's talk of a revolution to overthrow the Kortok, and realized that she didn't want to live in hiding and isolation anymore. She fought alongside him and her grandfather and helped them achieve a victory.