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The Muffin XFB-1981-B was built after Captain Smith was forced to self-destruct the Muffin XFB-1981 in an encounter with the Synari and after the Muffin XFB-1981-A was destroyed in an accident shortly after its completion. Built in the new standard of exploration and war ships, the Muffin was sleek and sturdy and built to accommodate a large crew, extensive research facilities and heavy weapons. The Muffin was able to separate its saucer section from its drive section. Modifications include a toaster that had been installed in the warp core by Shauna Finelli, as well as other extensive modifications to the engines and weapon systems.

Commanding Officer: Captain Bob Smith First Officer:Commander Martin Jasper  Chief Security Officer:4675636B Chief Engineer: Shauna Finelli Chief Medical Officer:Dr. Belinda Reines Science Officer: TAG Ship's Counselor:Alice Tolman Pilot:Major Jovica "Johnny" Danger Weapons Officer:Lt. Commander Robin Cunningham Communications Officer:Lieutenant J. G. Steven "Skip" Tyler

Shuttle and fighter complement:

Lil' Bastard


The Asp

The Doombee