Morton U. Bargandfore is a silver-tongued salesman and a member of the Villains' International League of Evil. His favorite author is H.G. Wells, his favorite astronomer is Galileo Galilei, and his favorite food is Earth cuisine. A strict vegitationist, Mort is especially fond of trees. He enjoys munching on a nice, four-foot-thick Douglas Fir for dinner, then scarfing down a baby Spruce sapling for dessert.

Wanted posters throughout the Sol system display Mort's likeness – handsome as the day is long with a personal magnetism to match. Formerly a televangelist and then an ad executive, Mort has fraudulently sweet-talked beings from numerous heavenly bodies into giving up hard-earned money in exchange for dreck like moon rocks, out-of-orbit satellites, and first-generation computers. He once even sold a used lunar landing module to a Venutian – and Venus has no moons. Let the buyer beware.

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