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Morbilus Grendy was a settler on planet Brunk. He took care of his granddaughter Muna and encouraged her in her daring exploits as a junior pilot growing up, but before long was forced to take her into hiding to avoid the wrath of the Kortok. He berated himself for letting things come to this, feeling that her lack of socializing and recreation would be detrimental to her development.

Grendy's natural charisma allowed him to become a popular local leader on Brunk, but this too drew the Kortok's attention and he was taken to Grumborg Prison as a perceived threat. There he continued by becoming a leader over the prisoners, keeping even such brutes as Dargo in line.

When Spuckler Boach arrived to rescue him, he drew up an elaborate plan for escape involving smoke machines, candles, ball bearings, helium balloons, and three hundred pounds of feathers. Lacking any of these materials they decided instead to tunnel their way out with Spuckler's trutanium peg leg. Once outside he selected a scooter for them to hijack back to the planet.

Grendy was overjoyed to breathe fresh air again and be reunited with his granddaughter, but he knew that it would be short-lived and that the Kortok would come after him again. With Spuckler's encouragement he started a revolution, using his charisma and reputation to rally the locals to his cause. The revolution was successful and he lived in peace for the rest of his days.