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Mawhonic was a Gran podracer pilot. He used a Galactic Power Engineering GPE-3130. In addition to being a pilot, Mawhonic was a podracer parts dealer. He could often be found in his shop where his R2-series astromech droid frequently worked on his podracer. The Gran was willing to sell parts for Huttese currency or to trade parts, but he refused to accept Republic credit.

He was one of only a handful of racers, including Gasgano, that Sebulba ever counted as a real threat to his career. Sebulba's loathing of Mawhonic was likely supplemented by the fact that the three-eyed alien was of the Gran race, the very same species that had enslaved Sebulba's people, the Dugs, on their home planet of Malastare. Mawhonic would become vicious whenever Sebulba was around, whereas otherwise he was quite good-natured.

An unspoken alliance between Mawhonic and Gasgano revealed itself whenever they were racing against Sebulba: if an opportunity to work together to bring the Dug down presented itself, they would do so. However, they rarely had anything to do with each other in their off hours, as each found the other's personality detestable. In the Boonta Eve Classic of 32 BBY, Mawhonic's Podracer was destroyed in the first lap by Sebulba as they were passing through the Mushroom Mesa. Soon after the race, a maddened Mawhonic pronounced his hatred for Sebulba and his family. He put a bounty on at least two of the cheating Dug's relatives, Nebulba and Xijulba of Malastare's Sebolto Clan. The bounty hunter, Jango Fett, would eventually snag the bounties while on the planet, although it is still unclear whether they were taken alive or dead.

Mawhonic returned later on to compete in Malastare's Vinta Harvest Classic, apparently no worse for wear. During this race, he was introduced by Fode and Beed as the local Gran favourite. Astonished, Sebulba accused him of being an impostor, but all evidence pointed to the fact that he was genuine. Rumors began to fly around that there had been an impostor Mawhonic, but this had been the one who perished in the Boonta Eve Classic—that Mawhonic himself had not raced in the Boonta to begin with. These rumors remain unconfirmed. Later Sebulba destroyed his podracer, after the race Mawhonic disappeared.