Martin "Marty" Jasper was the Executive Officer on the Alliance Starship Muffin and a former Jedi Knight and has now become the Sith Lord Darth Noyance. As executive officer of the Muffin he was often seen as slow witted and incompetent which lead to much criticism and may have lead to his scorn and low self esteem, however he did his job as was necessary and assisted the Captain with what needed to be done. Eventually Marty and the Captain formed a rapport and a friendship. Marty was often slow to understand the Captain's sarcasm but he was a sweet and naive man who enjoyed his work and his life. He has stumbled upon several failed attempts to relationships and one of those was partially a catalyst for his fall to the dark side. As a Sith he has gained confidence and taken a level in bad-ass. He tends to complain about some of the situations that he is put in but as many of those situations might lead to his death his complaints tend to be justified. He loves Tetris and involving himself in internet communities.
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