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Mars is the fourth planet from the star Sol in the Sol system. Like Earth, it has a representation in many dimensions due to the plural zone in which it resides, but unlike Earth, nearly every version seems to have a different race living on it.  Most of these races are generically referred to as "Martians" but for the purposes of sanity this encyclopedia differentiates them with more descriptive terms.

The surface of Mars is mostly made up of sand and rock, with iron oxide that gives it a distinctive red coloration. This is the result of a war with the Furons which rendered it barren and nearly uninhabitable. Several species became extinct, but many more adapted and still survive today, such as the Gargs, the Yorps, and the Blisks - which is ironic as these were the ones the Furons were fighting with in the first place. Of most interest to heterosexual humanoid males is the famous Vinyl Goddess. The red color misled Sangfroid, leader of the Space Vampires, to believe the planet was made of blood.

In an event now commemorated by Mars Day, the Native Martians sold the entire western hemisphere of the planet to Sir Reginald Wong for a bead.  He passed it down to his descendants.