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Marcy Bo Koo is a spaceship flight attendant extraordinaire and a member of the Villains' International League of Evil. Her favorite author is Jules Verne, her favorite astronomer is Percival Lowell, and her favorite food is space cadets.

Ever since Marcy saw a video of Man landing on Earth's moon Luna, she dreamt of a life in the service of the space program. Recruited by Carmen Sandiego from one of Saturn's moons, Marcy comes from a civilization centered around the virtues of hospitality – where “having people over for dinner” is considered a highest form of social entertainment. A dedicated worker, Marcy spends her every spare moment with her nose in the book Serving Mankind.

An amateur chef, Marcy has a particular fondness for Southwestern cuisine. She can often be seen lurking in and around NASA headquarters in Houston, searching for ingredients. Oh, yes, it should be noted that the aforementioned book, “Serving Mankind”, is a cookbook (subtitle: “In 101 Tasty Dishes”). Marcy's “Earthlings in Black Bean Sauce” is a four star treat. Try it – you'll like it!