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Malcolm J. Stone was a man often referred to as an "eccentric" by the same sort of people who call supernovas "warm". As a child he played with a vase owned by his parents until it was stolen by space pirates. Crushed, he vowed through his childhood tears to get it back at any cost, and then promptly forgot about it for the next few decades.

After serving in the military, where he rose to the rank of Colonel, Stone retired to find a less dangerous and more lucrative line of work, which he found in the Interstellar Revenue Decimation Service. He quickly gained a reputation for being cold and corrupt even by IRDS standards. Although generally heartless and unforgiving to delinquent taxpayers, he was easily bribed, for a fraction of what they owed, to drop the issue. For a fraction more he wouldn't refer them to his colleagues.

Stone had somehow gotten into the IRDS in spite of being far too intelligent and creative for the job. While embezzling funds for himself, he surreptitiously conducted some research into the fate of retiring Taxmen, knowing that something odd was going on with them. When he learned of their fate as memory-wiped monks on planet Haven, he made his escape with the help of a few well-placed bribes and went on to purchase a moon of Gargoyle XII, which unsurprisingly became known as Stone's Moon.